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Nov. 27th, 2009

07:59 pm - Keys from 1857....


......pretty pretty 152 year old works of art.....

As fate itself would have it, I came across a man who had a bunch of keys from his Great-Great-Grandfather's brewery from 1857. I have long been fascinated by keys and locks - wondering what these keys once opened and whose pretty pockets they hid in. I imagine that the doors they once opened are long gone now and there lies a great freedom....

I was so excited to get my hands on these and found lush gorgeous black velvet ribbon to make necklaces with them. They are now secured with hooks and clasp in the back and in a vintage store in New Orleans I found the most beautiful Victorian ribbon to decorate them with.

I made all of them during the Leonids meteor shower on November 17th. I put my own good gypsy magic in them as stars were shooting and streaking through the skies. With every single one, I thought - may the wearer be able to open the doors of their true dreams...

It's true that each key has its own personality - each one is one of a kind. Some more rusty than others, some more elaborate, some initialed, some marked with numbers of the doors they once opened....

When I have been putting them together, making them into necklaces, some of them don't like particular ribbon and want a more flowing one, some want to be turned to the left or right - each one unique and antique.

I took three for my own and I'm bringing the rest of them on tour with me. So if you have the same obsession with keys and locks as I do - swing by the merch stand and take a pretty peek. I have a few also at Danger Dame.

I have been scouring antique shops on the road and I'm also coming up with new designs that I will be putting out on the European tour. I am a crafting junkie....I love making necklaces - I love putting good magic into them, and hell, I love looking out in the crowd and seeing a bunch of you wearing 'em!

See you on the road!


Sep. 18th, 2009

12:29 pm - Spellbinding Burlesque Class with Veronica Varlow

Spellbinding burlesque
The above photo was a candid backstage photo taken by John Bentham at Shanghai Mermaid, seconds before I was about to go on stage. I love this photo, because in it, I'm working my magic...you are actually witnessing a "glamouring" secret that has been passed down by generations of women in my family - it's subtle, and you only know it if you are related to me, or if you took my Spellbinding Burlesque class. Yes, my Lovelies....I have a virtual arsenal of spellbinding secrets and magic...ready to be shared.

Yep. Those behind the scenes things that I worked on with Andrea on MTV's MADE - tips and tricks to being confident and world dominating.....I'm giving them to you! My class is open to ALL women - all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds, all levels of confidence. You do not need any dance experience. While I will be teaching you a full number with "magic" moves to take home with you - the majority of the day will be based on - radiating confidence, finding the magic behind the REAL you, finding your Signature Style and basically owning any room you walk in to.

Whether you want to be a burlesque performer - or just have the confidence and sass of one - my class is for you! The last five classes I've done with the NY School of Burlesque have sold out quickly. I only have a few spaces left on this one - and this is your last chance to work with me in an intensive class before I leave for a month and 1/2 to tour all over the US, Canada and Mexico.

I invite you to be a part of our circle of bewitching bombshells. Your new life begins..... Saturday, September 26th - noon to six pm - sign up and get all the details by clicking here - The New York City School of Burlesque.

It's a great class to take with a friend!
Here are some things my students have said:

"Veronica Varlow sees the beauty in You, and in falling under Her spell, you fall under YOUR spell. "Spellbinding Burlesque" is all about charm, sisterhood, and secrets!" - Coco La Pearl

"I loved the class! I wished it lasted FOREVER!" - Dame Beso

"Veronica - you gave us such great advice, opportunities, tricks, etc! Thank you!" - Miss Amanda Jones

"Your class is like a super-stylish, slumber party!" - Tallulah Luv

Let's make some real magic together!


Current Mood: happyhappy

Aug. 13th, 2009

07:32 pm - The VKA is having a CONTEST!

evidence of Bunny's knee

I'm feeling lucky and I hope you are, too....

so the Commanders of the official Veronica's Kissing Army website - Synthetice and Ariel are running the very first official VKA contest!

Already your entries have been pouring in, and I am absolutely loving reading your responses to the questions of the contest.

That's right....your answers to my questions! I want to ask YOU the questions and find out all about my loyal and fierce VKA.

Answer the below questions, along with your name, country you are from and a photo of yourself, all e-mailed to vkacontests@gmail.com. Your answered questions and photo will be featured on the site for all to see! And check out the entries already posted - you can click on the "Read More" tab in the bottom right hand corner under each picture to see each person's answers.

And without further ado....here are the Lucky Seven Questions...

1. What are three things that you would like to do before you die?
(This was the very first "Crumpet Question of the Day" while we are on
tour. The five of us were drinking colorful cocktails with umbrellas
in them sitting at an outdoor cafe in Poland on a day off. We watched
the clouds turn colors in the square as the sun set - it was a
beautiful night....)

2. You find $50 on the ground, what do you do with the money?
(Interesting side note: Contessa and I found 50 shiny gorgeous euros
on an empty cobblestone street in Germany while on tour. I, however,
will not tell you how we spent that money! *evil grin*)

3. When I came home from the second tour I was on with Emilie Autumn
- the forum was all a-twitter with who I kissed and the original VKA
was born! I was so pleased and proud of all of you. So....question
number three is a two part question - What made you want to fight for
VKA? Do you remember the exact moment?

4. If you could be any faerie tale or story book character, who would
you be and why?

5. Excluding Miss EA and the Crumpets, who out there is inspiring you
right now? It doesn't have to be limited to music. I just want to
know in general - a person that is inspiring your world. Feel free to
include a link.

6. When we are dominating the world together - what is the first
thing you do to make the world a better place?

7. Now it's YOUR turn.....what is one question that you've been dying
to have me answer? Make it good! The five top questions will be
decided by VKA Commanders Synthetice and Ariel. If you are one of the
five lucky chosen, you will get a Who Wants to Kiss Me tour shirt and
a signed postcard and I will answer your question on the VKA site!

Aug. 6th, 2009

01:51 pm - Who Wants To Kiss Me? Tour Shirts!

evidence of Bunny's knee

To all the girls who carry the poison kiss on their lips.....

It is my pleasure to announce that the
Veronica Varlow "Kiss Me" Puff Sleeve Baby Doll T's are FINALLY available at Danger Dame for a limited time!

With the exclusive announcement of the Emilie Autumn USA/Mexico Fall Tour 2009 happening tomorrow - I am releasing a second reprint of my tour shirts that sold out from the European leg and make them available to you!

These are the sweet baby doll puff sleeved t's that Danger Dames dream of! Get em' while you can. We are hittin' the road and it's time for some serious world domination!

And you wanna look delicious while you dominate all the continents, don't you?

Click here for the Poison Kiss!

evidence of Bunny's knee

Aug. 5th, 2009

11:28 pm - Emilie Autumn USA Fall Tour 2009

Look out, USA, we are COMING FOR YOU!

evidence of Bunny's knee

That's right! The unstoppable circus known as The Emilie Autumn Asylum Tour is coming to a town near you! The Sickest Show on Earth is ready to entertain you!

STEP RIGHT UP! We've got the plague and it's spreading. You know you want it, too!

The USA FALL TOUR 2009 Pre-Sales start EXCLUSIVELY at the official website of Emilie Autumn on Friday, August 7th - 3:00pm local time for each city. This tour SOLD OUT ALL OVER EUROPE! This is the first full USA tour and it is expected to sell out quickly. Get your tickets now, push your way to the front and I'll probably end up making out with you.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Get COMMITTED to the Asylum!!!

Jul. 15th, 2009

11:57 am - Things to know about World Domination Plans

evidence of Bunny's knee

Posting this new pic from Coney Island's Mermaid Parade because this is how I am feeling at the moment. Happy. There's so many things in the works!

First of all....I have joined the evil known as Twitter! I will be doing free giveaways, giving 1940s style beauty tips and updating the random things going on in my life. Follow me by clicking here!

Also - I got two mentions this week in fabulous beauty blogs that I wanted to share with you: Krasey Beauty and eBeautyDaily!

Veronica's Kissing Army will be doing a big giveaway shortly! Details will be coming over the next week!

AND - I want YOUR pictures! Do you have any photos of you in the VKA shirt, the
Pretty as a Pistol Shirt, or the Danger Dame Shirt? Do you have pictures of you wearing the Lost Key To My Heart Necklace? Send me pictures of you all over the world in these things and I'll showcase you on Danger Dame!

It's a nice day for world domination!

.....Now back to my evil plans.....mwhahahahahahaha.

Jul. 9th, 2009

11:46 pm - Shows! Come See Me LIVE!

evidence of Bunny's knee

Because I know how much you love blurry iPhone photos - this is me performing last night at Diane Von Furstenburg's event on the rooftop of the Soho House. A moment I will never forget: stepping out on the runway - on the rooftop, poolside - the city lights flickered around me as the full moon hung low in the sky....

And taking my white feather fans and raising them like wings... I did, indeed, dance for the moon and all her mystery.

It was a beautiful evening to be alive.

And the good news is - there are many more beautiful evenings to be alive - and I invite you to join me in one of them.....

If you live in Washington DC - I am headed your way this Saturday night with the very beautiful Miss Coney Island, Gal Friday and her partner-in-crime, Albert Cadabra. We will be performing at the one and only Palace of Wonders!

Come out and see the show! Saturday, July 11th. Doors at 7pm, Show at 10pm
Palace of Wonders, 1210 H St. NE Washington, DC 20002

Saturday, July 18th, I will be performing at Le Scandal in New York City. Get your reservations now - it usually sells out. Show starts at 10pm. Hit the website for details.

Monday, July 20th is the bday party of the uber-dashing evil genius known as Nik Sin at the Slipper Room with a line-up that will kill you. 10pm show at 167 Orchard Street, NY, NY.

Thursday, July 23rd I'm back at the the Coney Island Museum with Hotsy Totsy at Burlesque on the Beach. Enjoy the amusements and then come for the show at 9pm! 1208 Surf Ave. Brooklyn NY 11224

Come out, come out, wherever you are.....

Jun. 26th, 2009

03:21 pm - The Littlest Fan

Littlest Fan

This is 4-year old Michelle and she pretty much rules the world - so bow down.

Her sister Sabreena saw me at the Emilie Autumn show in NYC and spread the insanity to her little brother, Danny and her little sister, Michelle.

I got the sweetest letter from Sabreena yesterday with this picture of Michelle proudly rocking a 4-year old size replica of the key necklace I wear on tour and her Danger Dame t-shirt.

This is what World Domination in the year 2023 looks like.

Prepare yourself.


Jun. 24th, 2009

04:39 pm - Happy Anniversary, Mr. Heffner!

evidence of Bunny's knee
At Coney Island Mermaid Parade, June 20, 2009

Three years ago today, the torrents of rain that we thought were signaling the end of the world, stopped suddenly so that we could get married. And there in the middle of a small circle of friends and family, the sun broke through the clouds as we said the vows we had written to each other. Dragonflies cut through the skies and flew around us and a falcon landed on a nearby branch to watch. You looked at me and said, "I do."

On that day, three years ago, I gave you a battered green velvet journal. It was my wedding gift to you.

On the first page, dated two days after I first laid eyes on you, I wrote that the book would one day be your wedding present. Over the years, I carefully chronicled the early days of our love story so it would never be forgotten. The book held my predictions scrawled in many different inks. It held ticket stubs and roadside maps, rose petals and Chinese fortunes, candle wax and glitter. Three years ago today, I was able to finally give you the worn green velvet journal, filled with the beginning of the story of us.

It was such an important gift to give you. The gift that I knew along....that from the moment I saw you I knew we were meant to be together. Proof that magic does indeed exist.

You came to me with a head filled of stories and adventure. You came to me with ideas and dreams bigger than I could have imagined on my own. You took me on my first cross-country road trip. We drove through large fires spanning either side of the road in Death Valley. We slept at falling apart roadside motels or curled up in the car. The wind that whipped around the car was filled with the sound of mixes that you put together for me. The soundtrack to our life together reeling down dusty back roads that spanned on for forever. It was the first time I remember not really knowing where I was and enjoying the freedom in that. That road trip changed my life - it made me realize all of things that I had so longed for. That by just getting behind the wheel - a life of adventure awaited.

You saw the real me and brought her out for the world to see. You took dreams I kept in my heart so long and made them happen. And you continue to make them happen now.

You are the storyteller - and what you say takes form.

I am in awe of the beautiful adventures that lie ahead of us as we blaze toward the year of immortality. The year of Pocket and Blue. Of inked gypsy fortunes on white pages of a dusty green journal.

Get behind the wheel, my Love. The road awaits.

It was written for us.

Jun. 23rd, 2009

03:41 pm - EBAY BLOWOUT of my Personal Collection!

Yep! You read that right! Take the clothes right off my back.

evidence of Bunny's knee

It's Summer and I have officially done my annual closet cleaning extravaganza!
Some of the best items of my personal collection of burlesque, retro and gothic clothing are up for grabs on Ebay by Clicking HERE!

10% of all of my auctions will be donated to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp started by a personal hero of mine, the late actor Paul Newman, to give kids battling cancer a chance to have a fun camp experience. I have already committed to a minimum donation of $125, and each bid will make that number higher!


Items include the Hell Hath No Fury dress from the actual photoshoot above, and many items I'm auctioning have been on the burlesque stage around the world with me and in photoshoots. I am selling retro vintage pieces, burlesque items and rare Lip Service and Betsey Johnson items. I am also selling the few remaining items I brought on Emilie Autumn's Spring Tour with me!

All winners will receive their item lovingly wrapped in pink tissue with black ribbons - with a special note from me.

Good Luck!


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